Seller, Stop Flying Blindly During Negotiations

Eric Wong
Jul 25, 2022

As a seller, ask these questions when you are interviewing potential agents. Their response can inform you on how they would show up during the offer process and negotiations.

- How will you assess the market’s response to my house?
- When and how will you keep me updated?
- How do you plan an offer strategy?
- How will you drive interest when the market slows?

Your agent should be able to help gauge buyer interest levels both qualitatively and quantitatively using the tools that exist and picking up nuances in conversations. Having an agent that dissects this information helps you create leverage by knowing how buyers are behaving. Otherwise, you would be flying blindly during negotiations. Reach out to me for more information on how to choose an agent who will advocate for you!



Eric Wong

Real Estate Agent in the East Bay (Bay Area), a former Senior Product Manager and Sales Engineer in tech. Born and raised in Hawaii.